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Movie Posters

Vintage Dracula Poster Bela Lugosi

One of the finest collections of vintage movie posters you've ever seen. We have one-sheets, inserts, window cards, half-sheets, and international sizes. We've been collecting for over 50 years!

Lobby Cards & Photo Stills

Vintage Frankenstein lobby card Boris Karloff

We have a huge collection of original movie lobby cards and photo stills in great condition! We have them from all generations, from vintage silent era to more recent 1980s films.


Carrie Fisher autographed Return of the Jedi mini lobby card

We have signed photos and memorabilia from all generations. From classic Hollywood stars, political and military figures, recent celebrities, and more! Contact us with your wish list!

Dedicated to our Founder

Chuck V. Krinsky, founder of Chuck's Memory Lane

Chuck V. Krinsky

This site is dedicated to the founder of Chuck's Memory Lane. A lifelong film fanatic, poster expert, and memorabilia dealer. 

With 50 years experience as a memorabilia dealer and collector, there is no better man to go to with your memorabilia questions than Chuckie-Baby!